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Sustainability is integral to our ethos at Turnbull & Asser. By focusing on our suppliers’ environmental impact, their approach to employees, as well as how we make and package our garments, we aim to lower our carbon footprint and make products that are ethical and sustainably sourced.

We do not mass produce, but rather work exclusively to produce only the finest materials, with careful consideration going into everything we do and everyone we work with. Our UK-based workrooms enable us to lower our carbon footprint and environmental impact with shipping. Completed orders are now sent directly from the workroom to the customer—reducing transport use and excess packaging.


Fabric remnants from the shirt cutting process in our Gloucester workroom are used to make boxer shorts and cloth bags, leaving only small parts of material left over. These are then donated to various local organisations. We also offer repairs which include the recollaring and recuffing of our shirts.


We also own a second workroom in Sidcup, Kent, for the manufacture of our ties. The cutting process itself does not lend itself to large amounts of waste. The silk remnants that it does produce are given to local initiatives including a design school and are also used to produce the Turnbull Teddies.

The Albini Group for Cotton and Linen

We have a long-standing relationship with The Albini Group, founded in 1876, who supply the majority of our cotton. The Albini Group have an important partnership with ECCI Cotton, who are an association formed by small local farmers and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Island of Barbados. This has supported the production of our exclusive West Indian Sea Island Cotton.

Alumo for Cotton

One of the world’s finest cotton mills, situated in the mountains of Switzerland, Alumo’s entire production process corresponds to the world’s strictest environmental and sustainability standards.

Vanners and Adamley for Silk

The silk used for the manufacture of ties and pocket squares is sourced from Vanners, who have been based in Sudbury, Suffolk since the 1870s and Adamley, based in Macclesfield, who have been printing silks in England since 1820.

Barrie Knitwear and Todd & Duncan for Wool

Barrie Knitwear work with local schools to ensure required technical skills are not lost with its long-term training initiative to protect the craftsmanship within the knitwear industry. The cashmere yarn for their garments is spun by Todd & Duncan, based in Kinross, Scotland.

Gritti for Buttons

Our shirt buttons are supplied by Gritti and are all made of sustainably sourced mother-of-pearl shell. There is no wastage and once the button blanks have been punched out of the shell, the remaining shell is ground and used for fertiliser.

Deliveries and Packaging

We work closely with the distribution and storage service DSV, who in 2018 received The Planet Mark—a certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability—for their storage facilities. We are currently working to improve our packaging so that it is completely recyclable, and aim to also reduce plastic use.

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