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Different Ways To Style the Western Shirt

Posted 15.05.19  - Style

Stylist David Nolan explores the versatility of our Weekend Collection Western Shirt with the help of photographer Benjamin McMahon.

Our Weekend Collection has been designed with off-duty sensibility in mind. Inspired by archive imagery of Marlon Brando wearing his famed denim Western shirt, the relaxed and easy-wearing quality of denim became a natural starting point for the collection. It was important that the versatility of this shirt was reflected through our design, and this was put to the test by photographer Benjamin McMahon and stylist David Nolan.

Using our Navy Western Shirt as the centrepiece for a recent editorial which focused on different ways to style a shirt, photographer Benjamin McMahon said, "I remember once reading that Snowdon liked a particular shade of blue shirt in his photographs, 'an anonymous uniform' as he put it. I wear the same thing every day and liked the idea that any one thing could be worn in endless different ways depending on who put it on and what they put with it. With that in mind, David Nolan found us a simple and classic shirt that would never be the same twice."

With the editorial consisting of four completely unique and standalone looks, stylist David Nolan went into further detail to explain his approach behind each one.

“Amadou has a natural elegance about him, so I wanted to keep things really simple and chose to accessorise the shirt with a classic college style tie,” says Nolan. “I felt a strong sense of his style coming through with the way he wore his hair. It's important, and it really helped steer the choice for the colour and texture of tie."

With music being a strong part of George’s identity, Nolan wanted to portray this in his outfit choice. “Combining high waisted trousers and a half-tucked plain knitted tie, this reminded me, subtly, of Roxy Music!”

Shaden is an active cyclist, so with a more active background, Nolan wanted this look to "feel more relaxed and almost sporty—so opening the shirt right up, rolling the sleeves and simply adding a light cotton vest. It made it feel light and fresh.”

With inspiration taken from the style that David Bowie emulated in the 1980s, Kristians’ look combines belt and braces with our Western Shirt. A look that Nolan states, “raises many eyebrows in menswear, but sometimes exaggerations are fun with clothing! With Kristians’ features being elegant with his long, fair hair, an element of David Bowie was mirrored and paid homage to.”

The Weekend Collection Western Shirt was worn by Amadou, George, Kristians and Shaden, all from Select Model Management. Styled by David Nolan and photographs by Benjamin McMahon. Our Weekend Collection can be found here and our Western Shirt styles here.

Turnbull Editorial Team

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