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We would be more than happy to answer any enquiries that you may have. Please contact us using the following details:

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Turnbull & Asser Online, 14 South Street, London, W1K 1DF.

By Email
For Online Order Enquiries:

Registered Office
The registered office of Turnbull & Asser Limited is located at 14 South Street, London, W1K 1DF.

Registered Number
Turnbull & Asser Limited is a company registered in England. The registered number of the company is 1066321.

V.A.T. Number
Turnbull & Asser Limited is registered for Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom. The V.A.T. number of the company is GB668073411

Turnbull & Asser Environmental Statement

Our Approach

Turnbull & Asser recognises it has a responsibility and an obligation to work to reduce the direct impact of its business operations on the natural environment, both now and in the future. Reducing emissions is the right thing for a responsible business to do, and our aim is to work to create more sustainable ways of doing business to conserve energy, save money and help to deliver better resource efficiency. Our priority is to minimise our environmental impacts by reducing both the carbon intensity of our activities and the natural resources we use, through the development and operation of good business practices.

Our priorities are to:

  • Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy use
  • Minimise waste produced and increase the quantity recycled
  • Ensure our products are resourced in a responsible manner

We recognise that these key operational activities are environmentally significant for Turnbull & Asser, and we are working to control the environmental impacts from our operations, including greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource usage. To create a better retailing climate, which includes commitments to reduce energy, waste and packaging.

Climate Change

  • Climate change is now recognised as one of the greatest global environmental challenges society faces, and we take our responsibilities in this area seriously. Our aim is to make our operations more efficient and work to reduce our impact through, for example, energy consumption and waste.

Our Targets:

  • Reduce lighting power consumption by two thirds by introducing LED lighting to replace standard and fluurescent lighting.
  • Reduce our co2 tunnage by 49 tonnes per year and cut costs by half with the possible introduction of solar panels to the factory roof.

Turnbull & Asser Staff Statement

Our Approach

To encourage a successful business it is important we are able to create an environment that enables us to attract and retain the right people to work at every level throughout our company who are committed to working together, and who support our business approach of honesty, respect and encouragement. Our people are a valuable asset to Turnbull & Asser, and we are committed to providing a working environment in which our employees can develop to achieve their full potential and have opportunities for both professional and personal development.

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