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Posted 14.06.19  - Style

We like to think that a bespoke shirt is an extension of your personality. These archive cloths are examples of patterns and colours you can play with at Turnbull. Here’s hoping they inspire you to try something new.

Colourful Tattersalls

Plain blue is all well and good, but once you’ve got your classic poplin, why not try a check instead? It’ll add texture to your outfit yet remain subtle.

Bengal Stripes

The Bengal stripe is a shirtmaking staple. Navy and burgundy are safe bets, but we offer a rich variety of colours to suit any taste.

Pastel Oxfords

Soft pink and lavender are underrated colours for a shirt. This elegant Royal Oxford has a satisfying weight to it, and Oxfords wash down beautifully over time.

Fancy Stripes

Sometimes, a stripe like this can be easier to wear than a regular pattern. A subtle stripe is a bit different, but not too loud.

Butcher’s Stripes

We love butcher’s stripes; they’re a smart choice for business dress. Designs like this look the part with sharp navy suiting or a blazer and chinos.


Twinstripes add tone and depth to a shirt. Try something like this when a plain colour won’t cut it. Match one of the shirt’s stripes to our classic ties.

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