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Five Staples Of A Man's Wardrobe

Posted 01.04.14  - Style

In search of the five staples that no man’s wardrobe should be without, Turnbull & Asser asked a media man, a St James’s peacock, a writer and a banker what they consider are essentials . Here’s what they had to say.

The entrepreneur and writer: Peter Howarth

A slim-fit white shirt: This is the ultimate male wardrobe basic and can be worn with or without a tie. I prefer my shirts to have a small collar and so the Regent collar is perfect as it’s less severe-looking; it’s my go-to staple for lunch meetings.

Crew-neck cashmere knitwear: I often wear a navy-blue cashmere jumper over my white shirt, or under a suit jacket – it’s luxurious, effortlessly stylish, easy to wear and can be dressed up or down.

A black leather motorcycle jacket: I wear this every day while riding my Triumph Thruxton Café Racer motorcycle everywhere across London, to work and to meetings. The motorcycle jacket pictured above is Peter Howarth's own.

A slim tie: Slim ties make an outfit look instantly contemporary. I like the Turnbull & Asser London print collection as it looks at the city I love with a wry and original eye – using the capital’s icons in a unique way.

Cashmere scarf: Nothing comes close to cashmere when it comes to keeping me warm on my motorcycle. I also think a splash of bright colour is necessary to complete every ensemble, so Turnbull & Asser’s Regal Red is my cashmere scarf shade of choice.

The St James’s peacock: Turnbull & Asser head of design Dean Gomilsek-Cole

A yellow, red and turquoise striped shirt: Turnbull & Asser has always celebrated colour, and nothing shows this off like one of our boldly striped shirts.

Red felt braces: Being a peacock among the pigeons is about standing out and looking smart. These bright braces tie the outfit together and are also wonderfully functional.

The Churchill spot silk bow tie: A classic Turnbull & Asser bow tie named after the man who made it famous. It centres the outfit and gives me an added sense of gravitas.

Mid-life crisis spitfire silk handkerchief: I love these limited edition Turnbull & Asser handkerchiefs. They are works of art and adds whimsy to the look.

Turnbull & Asser dressing gown: I like to relax in style. At the end of a long day there’s nothing better than slipping into one of these luxurious silk dressing gowns. Add a glass of scotch on the rocks to complete the look. Dressing gown, pictured above, is available in-store only.

Media man: Mansel Fletcher, features editor of Mr Porter

Navy blue suit: This is not the only suit a man needs, but it is a suit that a man needs. It’s appropriate for business meetings, weddings, funerals and, most importantly, romantic dinners. Turnbull & Asser's navy velvet dinner jacket, pictured above, is available in-store only.

White shirt: I generally treat white shirts as eveningwear because during the day I find the colour contrast with a dark suit uncomfortably strong.

Navy blue repp tie: This is another element of what I consider to be the perfect outfit for dinner. The tie should be made of luxuriously heavy silk, with a visible but subtle texture.

Navy blue socks: In the evening I like to match the colour of my socks to my trousers, and while there are more interesting choices available I like the perfection of plain navy-blue socks. They must be knee-high.

Black Oxford shoes: I think brown shoes look great with blue suits, except in the evening when black works best. I like them to be very well polished, so that the shoes both literally and metaphorically reflect me. Patent Oxford Shoes, pictured above, provided by John Lobb.

Banker in the City: Alex Maddox

The Wall Street shirt with white collar and cuffs: This Turnbull & Asser is my go-to power shirt, perfect for a big client meeting or a dinner out with colleagues.

Slim 'It's Raining' Print tie: A slimmer tie creates a more contemporary look, and I like the eye-catching prints on these silk micro-print ties. This one features a man caught in the rain – you have to look closely to see him.

Merino wool socks in indie red: A man’s socks make a subtle but important statement. Comfort is essential, and Turnbull & Asser’s are made from 100 per cent merino wool.

Leather business card holder: First impressions matter, and when I’m giving someone my card they notice if it’s been stuffed in a side pocket or if it’s coming out of a sleek leather case. I bring this with me everywhere.

Sterling-silver collar stays: It is important for me to stay looking smart throughout my long working days – from breakfast meetings, to client dinners after work. Collar stays are an absolute essential to keep me looking sharp, and these ones from Turnbull & Asser give an added touch of luxury.

T&A Editorial Team

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