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The Making of a Bespoke Shirt with Lewis Moody

Posted 02.03.15  - Craft

Turnbull & Asser invited England rugby player and world cup winner Lewis Moody to their bespoke store on Bury Street to experience the wonderful world of bespoke. Lewis shares his step-by-step journey of having his very own bespoke shirt made:

Selecting fabric

There was a huge range of fabrics on offer- for my first shirt I chose Egyptian cotton two-fold 120’s from Turnbull & Asser’s classic range, as I wanted something timeless. When I first met with Steven Quin I was presented with books of fabric to choose from – I had never previously known that there were so many options available so I’ve learnt a lot about shirt making.

Selecting a collar style

After much deliberation I settled on the Prince of Wales collar. The great thing about this style of collar is that it can be worn with both a tie - ideal for when I’m doing TV appearances and interviews - or with an open neck for more casual situations.

Choosing a cuff style

The bespoke service really allowed me to make something that suits my lifestyle, I opted for a two-button cuff to allow more room for when I’m wearing a larger watch.

Being measured

I was surprised at how any measurements Steven took, I think it was something like 20 in all! The attention to detail is remarkable and you can really notice the difference in the fit of the shirt compared to a standard off the rack shirt. The high street doesn’t really cater for rugby players with our larger physiques, we are a difficult shape to tailor for so it was great to know that I was in such expert hands. Steven and his team have even fitted James Bond!

The shirt pattern is created

After the measurements are taken, my pattern is drawn and sent up to T&A’s Gloucester factory where my chosen fabric is cut and sewn into a shirt by skilled craftsmen and women.

The second Fitting

I was really pleased with the outcome of my shirt, as a rugby player I find it hard to get shirts that fit well off the shelf so having a second fitting allowed us to refine the shirts so they are just perfect.

Having a bespoke shirt has been a real eye opener for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience at Turnbull & Asser. I was delighted with the outcome of all the shirts as they fit beautifully and are perfectly suited to my lifestyle. The store on Bury Street has a lovely classic English feel to it and Mr Quin was an absolute delight to work with. From the moment I stepped into the store, Steve’s professional guidance ensured that I was happy with the overall outcome.

What surprised me was the number of options for the shirt. Having the choice between so many different fabrics and designs is a really nice luxury to have. Depending on what I am doing, be it in front of camera doing TV punditry work or attending formal evening events it is great to know that I will be in a bespoke shirt made especially for me.

Words from Lewis Moody.

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