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The Finest Swiss Cotton

Posted 27.09.19  - Craft

ALUMO’s story dates back to 1918, when Mr. Carl Albrecht founded a weaving mill of the same name, with 48 looms. The textile industry had an excellent infrastructure even then, and Switzerland ranked amongst the pioneers in spinning and weaving technology.

Mr. Albrecht eventually handed the business over to his son in 1927, and the company successfully overcame economic crises as well as the Second World War. When Mr. Robert Morgen joined the company in 1941, the name was changed to Albrecht + Morgen, which was later abbreviated to the name we know today: ALUMO. From the 1950s onwards, ALUMO have specialised in the finest cotton fabrics for shirts with continually developed and refined expertise. With their artisanal character, they make a significant contribution to the survival of a traditional Swiss craft.

To achieve their quality, valued all over the world, they keep hold of all the strings and carry out the entire production under their own roof. After carefully selecting extra-long staple cotton, they work it into the finest ply yarn which is then woven into unparalleled fabrics. They guard their detailed knowledge of the fittings and adjustment of the machines — quite literally their best-kept secret.

Since 1918, ALUMO’s ideas and products have been taking shape in the peaceful seclusion of the Swiss mountains. The high-grade specialisation and cultivation of the art of weaving has turned them into a unique producer of both robust and delicate cotton fabrics. With Swiss values and local resources, they pursue their mission to supply to only the best shirtmakers — something we are honoured to be a part of.

Our shirts are made in our workroom in England. ALUMO's cloth has an incomparably soft and natural finish, using clear mountain spring water during the washing and finishing process. The entire production process corresponds to the world's strictest environmental and sustainability standards. Featured below are two of our new seasonal shirts made using ALUMO fabric. The first is a new burgundy Officer Shirt, and the second, a tailored fit burgundy and white Puppytooth shirt with a Dorset button-down collar. Both shirts will be available late October.

Browse our selection of ALUMO cloth shirts in-store or online here. Further fabrics are available in Bespoke. Pictured in the lead image is Mr. Mathias Le Fèvre, going through our ALUMO swatches during his bespoke fitting.

Rikesh Chauhan - Turnbull Editorial Team

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