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The Pullman Gallery

Posted 07.04.18  - Craft

Our latest Journey collection sees the launch of eleven easy-care shirts, designed with travel in mind. Inspired by the life and style of our customers, we wanted to create a shirt that would work seamlessly for the on-the-go gentleman. It needed to be easy to look after and durable, but most importantly, to look the part no matter what the day (or night) may throw your way.

Made from 100% cotton, it is ideal for those who wish to have a shirt that stays and looks fresh all day long, and one that recovers well after travelling in luggage. Thanks to an innovative treatment that happens at the yarn stage – making the fibres bright and parallel – Journey fabrics maintain a neat look for its entire lifespan, without requiring additional care. Made with the best Extra-Long Staple cottons, the fabrics are spun and woven in Italy.

As part of the journey, we took inspiration from the famed Pullman Gallery and, in particular, their art deco posters that have spanned decades. The collection of posters which focused on the ideals of travel were the perfect way of bringing our shirts to life.

Mr. Simon Khachadourian opened the first Pullman Gallery in St. James’s in 1998. The intention for the Gallery, located next to Christies, was to bring together under one roof a broad selection of late 19th and early 20th Century collectables for discerning art collectors. The gallery itself quickly garnered attention from media, resulting in generous press and broadcast coverage.

A few years on in 2011, they launched PULLMAN Studios, a vast 6,000 square foot facility near Chelsea Bridge. Today, beautifully arranged over four levels, the studio enables their entire collection to be viewed in all of its glory.

The Journey Collection is available to shop now.

Read more about the Pullman Gallery, here.

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