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Supporting Our NHS

Posted 08.04.20  - Culture

To our valued customers and community,

Over the past few weeks, it has become abundantly clear that the future of human prosperity sits firmly with our frontline workers. Our National Health Service – as well as those of all nations - have shown unparalleled dedication to caring for its citizens. With many NHS staff working tirelessly and around the clock, often accepting great risk to their safety and wellbeing, this also sees them sacrifice time spent with loved ones due to absence, as well as the risk of exposure.

With the strain placed on these incredible individuals and this national institution, more staff are being called up, and with supply chains compromised, demand for appropriate medical attire far outstrips supply. As a British brand that has endured some of history’s most testing times, we understand the importance of serving a nation and are determined to make a positive contribution to the cause. In support of those on the frontline, we are now in the process of producing thousands of much-needed protective garments for the NHS, proudly Made in England.

In support of the global effort to ‘flatten the curve’, like many others, we took the difficult decision to close our stores and workrooms. We're proud to say that a dedicated team of Turnbull machinists and management have stepped up to serve those who serve our country; creating scrubs for those on the frontline. Equipped with personal protective equipment, our team of skilled workers return to their Gloucester workrooms, reconfigured to accommodate responsible social distancing and to sit at new machines – brought in especially for the production of NHS scrubs.

As a heritage brand focused on creating luxury shirting, we have had to adapt our workrooms and hire new machinery to cater for the production of the more utilitarian, medical-grade scrubs. In addition, our network of mills and suppliers have proved essential in the procurement of NHS approved materials, which are integral to the garments function and the health & safety requirements of medical professionals.

Throughout our brand’s 135-year history, Turnbull has successfully endured many times of hardship and has never been shy to acknowledge the contribution British manufacturing has to make during such episodes. During World War I, for example, Turnbull & Asser developed innovative garments for British troops, and later, amidst the Second World War, it was Turnbull that Sir Winston Churchill turned to for his wartime wardrobe.

Winston Churchill paints in the studio of his country house Chartwell, Kent, wearing the Turnbull & Asser tailored Siren Suit in 1945.

It was precisely this dedication to operating with the highest levels of integrity, quality and respect for others, that saw HRH The Prince of Wales bestow his very first Royal Warrant to Turnbull & Asser in 1980.

HRH The Prince of Wales tours Turnbull & Asser’s factory in Gloucestershire in 2013

Our team in Gloucester has already begun work on an initial batch of 4,000 scrubs and we are collectively working on several other initiatives in support of the frontline healthcare workers, key workers, and those who are most vulnerable during this difficult time.

We believe compassion is key to overcoming this historic hurdle, and we hope all employees of the National Health Service can feel truly appreciated for all their hard work. In turning our hand to the production of scrubs, we hope to do our bit in expressing that gratitude.

Jonathan Baker

Managing Director

Jonathan Baker

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