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The Diamond Standard

Posted 20.03.17  - Craft

It all started from an archive rediscovery.

The Diamond Standard fabric was originally developed for one of our most illustrious royal customers who desired to recreate the fine feel of one of his treasured shirts.

The shirt in question had been worn and repaired over many years so the challenge lay in trying to recreate that relaxed softness while maintaining the strength of a fresh design.

It all starts with the finest Giza 87 Egyptian Cotton, a precious variety that is grown in particular climatic conditions in the most fertile region of the Nile Delta. White, bright and silky, extra-long Giza 87 is superfine and super-strong with a brilliant luminosity thanks to its single ply warp and weft threads.

The production process, from collection to weaving, guarantees elimination of any potential contamination present in the raw material. The spinning process uses cutting-edge technology whereby the cotton passes in front of a camera that identifies polluted fibres, eliminating them through a powerful jet of air, in combination with a yarn clearing made during winding.

Once woven to precise specifications the material earns its namesake by being run through a water bath over rollers of diamond tips; this simultaneously washes and gently abrades to give it a ‘peached’ finish - named so due to its likeness to the surface of a peach – that has a supreme lightness while also embodying hidden strength and resilience.

A T&A fixture fit for a King, this welcome addition is a superior style that can be worn for both formal and informal occasions, and is rivalled only by rare Sea Island cotton for comfort.

T&A Editorial Team

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