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Turnbull & Friends: Climpson & Sons

Posted 08.11.19  - Craft

This Christmas, we’ve partnered with a host of brands to turn Davies Street into a festive destination. In addition to offering a selection of products perfect for gifting, Turnbull & Friends will be providing unique experiences, live making, offers and events in the run up to Christmas. 10% of gross profits made during the Gift Shop will be donated to the Crisis charity for homeless people.

The collaborations have formed as part of a wider celebration of creating in England, working with brands that share the same values, craftsmanship and pride in British manufacturing. One of the brands we’ve teamed up with is coffee roasters, Climpson & Sons.

Pioneers in evolving London’s specialty coffee scene, Climpson & Sons Coffee sources, roasts and crafts the finest coffees from the heart of East London. Their sourcing philosophy is primarily directed at flavour and quality, alongside which their ethos towards sustainability and ethical sourcing protocols ensure the coffees that are roasted and sold not only have character, but a transparent story. We had a little chat with Rachael and Nicole from Climpson, to talk all things Christmas.

Turnbull & Asser: What’s your favourite thing about the festive season?

Climpson & Sons: Sharing great food and drinks with family and friends.

TA: How far in advance do you buy your presents?

C&S: When gifting coffee, we like it nice and fresh so, as close to Christmas as possible. Just maybe not Christmas Eve!

TA: And how do you approach gift wrapping?

C&S: Our style for gift wrapping is either just as it is, or most likely presented in a reusable tote bag.

TA: What Climpson product would you recommend for gifting?

C&S: Depending on how extravagant you’re feeling, we’d say either a Linea Mini, or simply a delicious bag of coffee to get everyone through Christmas morning!

TA:: If you could have one item from Turnbull & Asser, what would it be?

C&S: Definitely pyjamas to stay warm and cosy during the winter months!

Visit the Davies Street Christmas Gift Shop between 8th November and 24th December, where Climpson & Sons product will be available to purchase in-store. Climpson & Sons will be serving Nitro Coffee Martinis at 4 Davies Street on Thursday 14th November from 6pm-8pm. For more about our Turnbull & Friends Christmas Gift Shop, click here.

Rikesh Chauhan - Turnbull Editorial Team

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