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Turnbull on the town: the best places for a dinner date

Posted 08.02.20  - Culture

At Turnbull & Asser, we feel very lucky to call two of the greatest cities in the world home. So, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’ve put our heads together to bring you our favourite dinner-date destinations on both sides of the pond. If you’re struggling for last-minute inspiration, look no further.

From James Fayed, Turnbull’s owner

Splashing out in New York City

Credit: 4 Charles Prime Rib

“My favourite place in New York right now is 4 Charles Street. I recommend it all year round, but it works out well on a date night. It’s a great restaurant in the West Village, one of a small group that a restaurateur called Brendan Sodikoff, who owns some really great restaurants in Chicago. I think 4 Charles Street is the most intimate of the group; it’s very small with a great vibe. It’s a chop-house, so it’s known for its steak and short ribs, and the burger is incredible. Book a table.

Afterwards, I’d head on to a great little Japanese whisky bar called Katana Kitten, which is close by. The cocktail list is superb and the head-barman, Masahiro Urushido, is incredible. It’s known for its Highballs, which mix American and Japanese ingredients. They even have the mix for their signature Highball on-tap, which is really dangerous! It was voted one of the world’s best 50 Bars in 2019, so you get the picture – it’s a great evening out.”

A low-key Manhattan hang out

“Wogie’s is actually on the same street as 4 Charles Street, but it’s nice and chilled. It’s got a great pub vibe, and it serves cheesesteaks and wings and that kind of thing. It’s very local, very relaxed. It’s the kind of place to lay down a good base before you get into the cocktails.” Find out more.

Hidden jazz in Midtown

“Another place I go to all the time is in Midtown, near the Turnbull Townhouse, and it’s called Tomi Jazz. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall jazz club, with four live shows a night – and they play from eight at night till four in the morning. Most of the performers are Japanese jazz students, and they’re super-talented. It’s a comfortable little spot, with great drinks and whiskey.” Find out more.

From Becky French, Turnbull's Creative Director

Stunning seafood in Shoreditch

Credit: BRAT, Shoreditch

“I would recommend BRAT in Shoreditch for an amazing culinary treat. It’s a relatively new restaurant on Redchurch Street, and Head Chef, Tomos Parry, earned himself a Michelin Star just after opening. Even so, it’s not stuffy; the menu’s focused on seafood cooked on wood fire, with some meat dishes as well. All the produce is sourced sustainably and with a lot of transparent consideration. Each of the fish dishes are memorable, the chopped egg salad is great to start, and even the grilled bread is delicious.” Book a table.

A fail safe east London local

“If I’m staying close to home, Sodo is great. It’s a small place that serves sourdough pizza, craft beer and has a great list of natural wines. My local is Walthamstow, but there are four dotted around the east end. It’s cosy and simple inside, with good lighting and a relaxed atmosphere.” Find out more.

From James Cook, Turnbull's Jermyn Street Manager

Parisian chic in London’s West End

Credit: Brasserie Zédel

“I’m a bit of a foodie at heart, and Brasserie Zédel is a regular haunt. It’s just a few minutes away from Jermyn Street, near Piccadilly, and when you walk down the marble staircase into the dining hall it’s a real spectacle – a real old Grand Café. It’s buzzy, the food’s good and I’ll always have the French Onion soup followed by braised beef and bacon in burgundy wine sauce. They’re both excellent, and remind me of the years when I managed our New York store – I’d eat at a local French restaurant over there after work. The Bar American next door to the restaurant is perfect for a nightcap too – make mine an Old Fashioned or a Negroni. Book a table.

A man should dress up for dinner out; I wear my Turnbull navy blazer with gold buttons and an exclusive striped poplin shirt. Occasionally, if I’m out with friends, I might opt for one of our Cashmerello cotton and cashmere flannel shirts instead, which are a little more relaxed."

Whatever your plans, you can find our Valentines day edit for sartorial inspiration here.

Aleks Cvetkovic

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