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The Fathers of Turnbull

Posted 19.06.20  - Culture

For Father's Day, the Turnbull team have spent the week reminiscing, rummaging through old photo albums, and reflecting on the beloved father figures in our lives. We are taking time this Father's Day to think of all the people who have played a parental role, guiding us through the world and teaching us those crucial life lessons. In this blog, we share the team's favourite images and memories, cherished photos and handed down words of wisdom.


A fantastic friend and cherished adviser, over the years, Dad has supported me in (almost) all of my choices and has always enabled me to express myself and be proud. Together we have become expert removal men, dancefloor instigators, and very amateur mountaineers, and I always look forward to our next BBQ and pub walk.

- Daniel Challis, Brand Content & Social Media Editor


I’ve been lucky enough to have two Dads; both very different. My biological Dad, Jon, was really rock and roll, and very cheeky… he never really grew up! I lost him when I was 20 however, I still have the best memories of him, his guitar-playing and his fishing! My Step Dad, Andrew, came into my life when I was 7 and he was only 25! He’s been my rock ever since. I have 2 brothers as a result of his marriage to my Mum and we are all treated completely equally by him. He is now an incredible Grandparent to my son, Dylan. One of the last conversations with my Dad, Jon, was him telling me how happy he was that Andrew had been there to look after me and he couldn’t have chosen better. I felt so complete after that.

- Melanie Burrows, Merchandising Manager


I, unfortunately, didn't have a relationship with my Father. I did, however, have one with the greatest Grandfather a boy could wish for. He was a Doctor and worked in a number of different countries all over the world. This resulted in me have a mum born in Jamaica and me myself grew up, in Sri Lanka and the South of France. This picture was taken at my grandparents' house in France, le Pierre St Jacques. Word has it I was told to push him in the pool as someone took a picture. He was a pretty big guy and I don't remember lifting too many weights back then...

- James Webb, Bespoke Associate


My Dad is one of those people who is always there for you. Unwavering. Committed. Kind. Caring. Respectful. Selfless. He’s the one who taught me how to swim, ski, light-up the outside of the house for Christmas, he pushed me academically, attended every play I was ever in, never stopping me from achieving my goals and ambitions. Whereas so many parents try to stop their children’s dreams of going into the arts, he encouraged it. His love of architecture was passed down to me through my love of set design, which translated into window display. He taught me what it meant to work hard, to dedicate yourself to a project. To follow through. As I get older, I laugh when I see myself doing things I’d always make fun of him for as a kid – like cleaning the house before going on a trip, eating black licorice or listening to talk radio more than music. But if they say we slowly become our parents as we age, I’m pretty content with what’s to come.

- Alexander Schneider, Head of Visual Merchandising


Come rain or shine, sometimes literally on the side of a rugby pitch, I feel extremely lucky to say that my Dad has been there for me. Whether it’s been to pick me up or help steer me in the right direction. I’m forever grateful for the time and effort he has given me and its something I aim to replicate with my own family, who call me Dad.

- Ed Walsh, Head of Marketing & eCommerce

Everything good in me I acquired from him; I appreciate everything that he has done for me. My father has always been the person who guided and helped me face my fears. He taught, that sometimes even failures can lead you to success. I can never find the words to express my feelings of gratitude for him or now even be able to tell him how much he was truly loved.

- Sarah McQuiggan, Executive Office


Dad has always talked fondly of his years at University and time abroad in the Solomon Islands. He has taught me a love of travel, culture… and camping. I still turn to him for advice, which he always makes time to give.

- Becky French, Creative Director

My Dad has the sunniest disposition, he is constantly upbeat and with a smile on his face. His outlook on life is one I always try to replicate. The only time we don't see eye to eye is when we're deciding who, of the two of us, has grown the tallest sweet peas.

- Kate Butcher, Marketing Executive

Turnbull Editorial Team

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