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Wildlife campaigner, artist and mental health activist, Daniel Perkin, strives to create and inspire global, environmental and societal change through art. Turnbull & Asser proudly partner with Daniel to create a series of three limited-edition pocket squares, featuring hand-drawn depictions of some of Britain’s most endangered species.
The three animals featured on these pocket squares are among Britain’s most endangered and overlooked species. Their survival is essential to maintain the biodiversity of UK woodlands.
This partnership is an attempt to use art as a means to raise awareness, and with 20% of profits from each sale being donated to The Wildlife Trusts, also makes a positive contribution to their protection.


In the 1950s, 36 million hedgehogs roamed Britain, beloved by gardeners for devouring bothersome slugs. By the turn of the century that number had fallen to around 1.5 million, and the drastic decline continues. Collisions with vehicles, increased use of pesticides, and the destruction of natural habitats all contribute to their plummeting numbers; the species needs immediate protection to survive.


The Scottish Wildcat was once native to Britain, but is now extinct in England, Wales and Ireland. Hybridisation with feral or house cats, disease and persecution are the three main threats to their survival. Wild Cats were persecuted as predators in the Victorian period, which pushed them out of England, forcing them up into the wilds of north Britain. Today, they remain one of the world’s rarest cats, even more rare than the tiger, with only approximately 400 left living in Scotland.


Having been extensively hunted for their fur throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Pine Marten is an increasingly rare woodland mammal. This persecution combined with extensive destruction to their habitat in recent decades, has brought them to the edge of extinction. The 3,500 surviving Pine Martens can be found in Scottish Highlands and small pockets of Wales and Northern England.

Friend of Turnbull and writer, Aleks Cvetkovic, sat down with Daniel to discuss his passions, artistic approach, and hopes for this collaboration – read the full interview here. For more information about Daniel, his artwork, and wider creative endeavours, visit his website and follow him on Instagram.


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