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The Madras capsule collection breathes new life into our summer silhouettes – the Holiday and Weekend fit shirts – in an array of exclusive bold checks and block-colours. The capsule also introduces a new Turnbull silhouette; the long-sleeved Holiday-fit shirt, with a relaxed revere collar and a shorter cut, encouraging untucked styling opportunities – perfect for warm summer days.

To produce this exclusive collection, our designers closely collaborated with renowned Italian textile mill, Albini. Our longstanding partnership has once again lead to a series of unique designs that adhere to our dedication to producing original textiles and our passion for colour exploration.

Accompanying shirting is a choice of principal tailoring pieces including a relaxed 3-button blazer, with matching trousers, made from lightweight cotton twill in a rich clay red. Paired together or styled with a pair of pleat-front chinos in a washed-out cream, we encourage a mixed, bold approach to one's clothing this summer, with each suiting style sold as separates.

Sharing our ongoing commitment to environmentally and socially responsible practices, Albini works with Terre de Lin, the largest linen cooperative in Europe, to produce its high-quality linens. The process of crafting fine linen takes place exclusively in Europe, limiting the transportation impact. Also, by collaborating with communities that have worked with this wonder fibre for centuries, Terre de Lin applies a fair policy of shared rewards for its flax growers based on quantity and quality.

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