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A Fine Fragrance: 71/72 by Floris London For Turnbull & Asser

Posted 18.05.16  - Heritage

A scent has the innate ability to instantly transport you to another time and place. One sudden whiff of a musty corridor and you're back in your childhood classroom; catching a stranger's perfume for a split-second can bring someone from your past to the forefront of your mind.

As the world's oldest independent family-owned perfumer, Floris, understands the emotive power of scent better than most. Founded in 1730 and still family-operated nearly 300 years later, it began life selling perfume and shaving goods from its boutique at 89 Jermyn Street, where the flagship still stands to this day. Floris fragrances have, throughout the company's long history, been favoured by the likes of Beau Brummell, Marilyn Monroe and HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Even in his wildest dreams, founder Juan Famenias Floris could never have imagined that his company would still be thriving some nine generations later. The success of Floris lies in its commitment to, and celebration of, its heritage. Many of the fragrances are designed to evoke the stories and history of the Floris family, with every scent, created in-house using traditional techniques and personally approved by director Edward Bodenham.

Heritage forms the backbone of our collaboration with Floris. Both businesses have royal connections – Floris received their first royal warrant in 1820 and garnered almost 20 more over the years, with two remaining today from Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince of Wales; we received our royal warrant from HRH Prince of Wales in 1980. We similarly share clientele – our affinity with James Bond dates back to Dr No while Floris’ No. 89 fragrance was chosen by Ian Fleming to be 007’s scent of choice. Winston Churchill is another shared customer; fond of the perfumer’s No. 127, he also made the Turnbull Siren Suit one of WWII’s most iconic garments. However, the companies’ most significant common value is their passion for craftsmanship. Together, in 2016, we created an exclusive scent, named 71/72 Eau de Parfum in honour of our Jermyn Street flagship store.

The fragrance is designed to evoke the experience of stepping inside Turnbull & Asser's flagship store for the first time. This is achieved through a woody base note reminiscent of the store's classic furnishings. Heady orris and oud are balanced with punchy juniper and citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot, which leads into floral jasmine and lavender.

The scent was a year in the making and is the result of a collaboration between our owner James Fayed and the Turnbull design team, along with Mr Bodenham and Floris perfumer Penny Ellis. The teams spent time at both Jermyn Street stores to develop the evocative scent and to successfully translate the identity of Turnbull & Asser into a fragrance.

71/72 Shop the fragrance here.


T&A Editorial Team

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