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Silk Ties

The delicate nature of silk means that extra care should be taken when cleaning it. With the right process, a T&A tie will last forever; learn what to do and what not to do with the below guide:


  • Silk ties should never be washed in, or exposed to, water.
  • Silk ties should be dry cleaned.
  • We recommend that you use a specialist dry cleaner, particularly when the tie has a stain that needs to be removed.

Emergency Cleaning

We have all done it. A tie ruined by the errant splash of virgin olive oil whilst dining.

In an emergency: Act quickly

  • In a restaurant – For grease based stains try covering the mark with fine salt allowing it to absorb the grease for a few minutes before gently brushing the salt away. Ask the waiter if he has anything. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant carries a small stock of stain removers, particularly in hotel restaurants.
  • At home – Always ensure that you have a proprietary brand of silk cleaner to hand and follow the instructions. A small financial outlay here can often save a tie when the milk from a rushed breakfast deviates from its intended course.
  • To remove a stain fully you might have to send the tie to a professional cleaner.

General Care

  • When removing your tie, never pull the tie at one end through the knot, this causes the lining and stitching to buckle, always untie the knot as carefully as you would when putting it on.
  • Ties are best stored in a loose roll, created by rolling the tie around your hand starting with the narrow end. Ties should be stored loosely to avoid wrinkling.
  • Although most people do, it is not advised to hang ties when storing them. Gravity takes over and creases can often result (particularly when ties are hung over a wardrobe tie rail - en masse).
  • For quality silk ties a small outlay on a specialised fabric protection spray can pay dividends.
  • Try to rest ties between wearings. Silk like all natural fabrics benefits from a rest.

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